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    Please stay at home if you have COVID symptoms

    by Sharron Johnson -

    Dear Students

    If you are currently having COVID symptoms, and have not yet had yourself tested, please ensure that you stay at home until you return a negative result or until you are symptom free.  If you need a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) we have plenty of supplies here at YMCLC - please grab a box from us when you are next in.  

    Currently, there is a new strain of COVID doing the rounds and we would like to ensure that our staff and other students do not contract this.

    If you are concerned about missing class, please rest assured that we can link you in virtually so that you don't miss your lesson.  Just let us know and we can send you out a link to log in to.

    Thank you


    Training Manager

    Face Masks

    by Sharron Johnson -

    Mask wearing in indoor and crowded settings is now strongly recommended to protect individuals and our most vulnerable Victorians through winter.

    As an adult education provider, we strongly encourage our staff and students to wear a face mask from now until the end of winter when in class to assist in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.  

    Household contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case must continue to wear a mask indoors, unless an exception applies.

    Invitation to join our Child Safety Committee

    by Sharron Johnson -

    Dear Students

    YMCLC is moving towards becoming a Child Safe Organisation, and we are looking for members of our student body to join our Child Safety Committee to assist us with this.

    This would involve providing us with feedback on our Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy, assisting us with an initial assessment of where the risks are for our organisation in regards to child safety, and providing us with feedback on our current child safe practices and potential improvements we could make.

    If you are interested in helping us with this, please email me at sjohnson@ymclc.edu.au


    Sharron Johnson

    Training manager

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